Group Wednesday Seminar


Mar. 30, Homologation of Boronic Esters using Organo Lithium by Zhe Dong

Mar. 23, Rh(III)-catalyzed C-H Activation and Annulation via Oxidizing Directing Group by Lei Zhang

Mar. 9, Metal Carbene-Involved C-H Functionalization - New Pathways and Synthetic Applications by Dong Xing

Mar. 2, Spirocycles and the Development of a MDM2 Antagonist by Brent Billett

Feb. 17, The Story of Hyperforin: Exploring Path to Concise Synthesis by Jiaxin Xie

Feb. 10, Supramolecular Polymers: Characterization, Preparation, and Application by Lin Deng

Jan. 27, Azaborine: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity by Chengpeng Wang

Jan. 20, Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Cleavage of C−N Single Bonds by Yan Xu

Jan. 6, Metallaphotoredox Catalysis by Tatsuhiro Tsukamoto


Dec. 16, Total Synthesis of (+)-Steenkrotin A by Saiyong Pan

Dec. 2, Through-Space Conjugated Polymers and Conjugated Main-Chain Metallopolymers by Gang Li

Nov. 18, Isodonterpenoids:ent-kauranoids by Hee Nam Lim

Nov. 11, Cross-Coupling Reactions Involving Metal Carbene Migratory Insertion by Ying Xia

Nov. 4, Polymers Containing p-Block Elements by Ki-Young Yoon

Oct. 28, Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Cyclizations and Couplings by Xuan Zhou

Oct. 21, Hypervalent Iodine(III): Property and Reactivity by Penghao Chen

Oct. 13, From Reversible Oxidative Addition to Catalytic Carbon-Halogen Bond Formation by Zhe Dong

Oct. 7, Hydrogen-Transfer Annulations Forming Heterocycles by John Thompson

Sept. 30, A Primer on Carbon Dioxide Chemistry by Michael Young

Sept. 16, Epoxidation of Olefins Using Molecular Oxygen by Zhongxing Huang

Sept. 9, Career Review of Dean Toste by Zack Ren

Sept. 2,Iron Catalysis in Organic Chemistry by Rachel Whittaker

Jun. 17, Modern C(sp2)-F bond forming reactions: From C-A to C-F (A = H, X, M) by Yan Xu

Jun. 10, Career Review: Klaus Mullen by Ki-Young Yoon

Jun. 3, Mini-Career review of Gregory C. Fu by Eileen Deng

May 27, Total Syntheses of Strychnine by Jianchun Wang

May 20, Cooperativity in Asymmetric Bimetallic Catalysis by Michael Young

May 13, 1,n-Hydrogen-Atom Transfer Reactions in Which n>5 by Rong Zeng

May 5, Borrowing H2: Never Ending Chemistry? by Hee Nam Lim

Apr. 22, Ni or Pd Catalyst for Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers by Gang Li

Apr. 15, One- and Two-Component Domino Reactions by Xuan Zhou

Apr. 8, Lignin-Introduction and Valorization by Penghao Chen

Apr. 1, Convergent Strategies in Total Syntheses of Complex Diterpenoids by Zhe Dong

Mar. 4, C-C Bond Forming Lyasesin Organic Synthesis by Rachel Whittaker

Feb. 25, π-Acid Catalyzed C-H Alkylation by John Thompson

Feb. 11, Boranes as Z-type Ligands for Transition Metal Complexes by Zack Ren

Jan. 28, Tellurium (Te) in organic synthesis by Eileen Deng

Jan. 21, Neighbors of Catalytic anti-Markovnikov Olefin Hydration A Mechanistic Review by Jianchun Wang

Jan. 14, Low Valent, Low Coordinate Complexes Using Bulky Ligands by Michael Young

Jan. 7, Synthesis and Application of Vinylaziridines and Ethynylaziridines by Rong


Dec. 10, N-O cleavage: Conventional and Recent application to the Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

by Hee Nam Lim

Dec. 3, sp3 C-H Alkylation with Olefins by Yan Xu

Nov. 26, Chemistry of Thiophene 1,1-Dioxides by Gang Li

Nov. 12, Cycloadditionsof allenesand the application in natural product syntheses by Xuan Zhou

Nov. 5, Directed Cleavage of Unstrained Carbon‐Carbon Bond by Penghao Chen

Oct 29, C-H Functionalization Directed by Ketone by Zhongxing Huang

Oct 22, Syntheses of Platensimycin and Platencin: Naturally Occuring Antibiotics by Haye Min Ko

Oct 15, Controlled Polymerizations by Ki-Young Yoon

Oct 8, Anti-Markovnikov hydroamination by Fanyang Mo

Oct 1, Ynone Preparation and Applications by Rachel Whittaker

Sep 24, Oxetane Drug Development, Synthesis & Applications by John Thompson

Sep 17, Zhan Zhang (Special talk)

Sep 10, First Row TM Catalyzed C-H Activation by Zhi Ren

Sep 3, Advanced Organolithium Chemistry by Zhe Dong

May 8, Catalytic C-C Bond Forming Transformations via β-C-H Functionalization of Carbonyl Compounds by Zhongxing

April 30, Ring Expansion From C4 rings to C5 rings by Penghao

April 23, A Non-Diazo Approach to alpha-Oxo Gold Carbenes by Rong

April 9, Synthesis of (-)-EnglerinA, a potent anti-renal cancer agent by Hee Nam

April 2, Palladium-catalyzed sp3C–H activation by Yan

Mar 26, Organic Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Nanoribbons by Gang

Mar 13, Bioactive natural products synthesis by Xuan

Mar 5, Syntheses of Aziridines by Haye Min

Feb 26, Organic Reactions catalyzed by rhenium carbonyl complexes by Fanyang Mo

Feb 19, Chiral Ligand Design by Rachel

Feb 12, Pd highvalentcatalysis by John

Feb 5, Nickel Catalyzed Cross-Couplings involving Carbon - Oxygen Bonds by Zack

Jan 29, Review of "Natural Product Synthesis" on Nature Chemistry by Tao Xu

Jan 15, Enantioselective photochemistry by Zhe Dong

Jan 2, Macmillan Career-in-Review by Yan Xu


Dec 19, Tamiflu by Hee Nam

Nov 15, Ketene chemistry and the application in synthesis by Xuan Zhou

Oct 24, The Type II Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction by Haye Min Ko

Oct 17, Milstein's work by Fanyang Mo

Oct 10, Bimetallic Catalysis by Rachel Whittaker

Sep 26, KSChan Review Rhodium Porphyrins by John Thompson

Sep 19, Isocyanide Chemistry by Zack

Sep 12, Catalytic Functionalization of C(sp2)H and C(sp3)H Bonds by Using BidentateDirecting Groups By Guobing

Sep 5, Rongalite A Useful Reagent in Organic Synthesis by Chris

Aug 22, Synthesis of Cyclobutanone and Cyclobutenone by Penghao Chen

Aug 10, Transition metal catalyzed cycloaddition of VCP vinylcyclopropane by Zhe Dong

May 15, Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Additions of C-H bond to C-X (X = N, O) Multiple Bonds via C-H Bond Activation by Guobing Yan

May 8, Study towards synthesis of Welwitindolinones by Xuan Zhou

May 1, Transition Metal-Catalyzed Decarboxylative allylation and Benzylation reactions by Haye Min Ko

April 24, Career Review: Prof. Maurice Brookhart by Fanyang Mo

April 17, Cyclodehydrogenation of Arenes by Chris Johnson

April 10, Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis by Penghao Chen

April 3, Career in Review: John F. Hartwig by Changxia Yuan

Mar. 6, Catalytic fluorination & trifluoromethylation by Tao Xu

Feb. 20, Cobalt in organic synthesis by Zhongxing Huang

Feb. 13, Bioorthogonal Chemistry by Rachel Whittaker

Feb. 6, Samarium Diiodide by Nik Savage

Jan. 30, Frustrated Lewis Pairs by John Thompson

Jan. 23, Organofluorine by Brandon Reinus


Dec. 19, Total Synthesis of (+)-Gelsemine by Xuan Zhou

Dec. 12, Ru(II) catalyzed C-H activation by Fanyang Mo

Dec. 5, Enediyne Chemistry by Chris Johnson

Nov. 28, Prins reactions and Applications by Haye Min Ko

Nov. 14, Total synthesis of lysergic acid by Penghao Chen

Oct. 24, Sanford's career review by Tao Xu

Oct. 17, Rh-Catalyzed Amination by Zhongxing Huang

Oct. 10, Organometallic Chemistry and its application in the nature Product synthesis by Zhe Dong

Sep. 26, Asymmetric Conjugate Addition by Rachel Whittaker

Sep. 19, Allenes: Preparation and Recent Application by Nik Savage

Sep. 12, Metalloradicals by John Thompson

Sep. 5, Hydroacylation by Brandon Reinus

Aug. 29, Jin-quan Yu's career review by Zhi Ren

Apr. 18, C-H Activation for the construction of C-B bonds by Haye Min Ko

Apr. 11, Directing group by Fanyang Mo

Mar. 28, Azole-Based Energetic Salts by Rachel Whittaker

Mar. 14, Methane Review by John Thompson

Mar. 7, Oxidants in Palladium Catalyzed C-H Activation by Zhi Ren

Feb. 8, Dehydrogenation of Alkanes by Zhiqian Wang


Dec. 7, Aromatic C-H and C-N activation (PhD Thesis) by Fanyang Mo

Nov. 4, C–H Functionalization in organic synthesis by Zhi Ren

Oct. 24, Metal-Catalyzed Alkyne Polymerization by Chris Johnson

Sep. 14, C-H Activation in Rhazinilam synthesis by Tao Xu